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Organic Golden Flaxseed (200g)

Organic Golden Flaxseed (200g)

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Flaxseeds are also known as linseeds. It can be incorporated into various types of home baking such as bread, muffin and pancake to brings out the subtle & nutty flavour. It can also be sprinkled onto cereals, salads, soups or cooked foods to give a nutritional boost to your meal.


  • Golden Flaxseeds are loaded with nutrients including protein, magnesium and etc;
  • It contains high omega-3 fatty acid which aids circulation by reducing the stickiness of blood platelets;
  • It also contains soluble fiber which helps lower cholesterol levels and consequently lower heart disease risk;
  • Golden Flaxseeds are a rich source of Lignans too.
  • Product Ingredients

    Organic Golden Flaxseed

  • Care Instructions

    Keep packaging tightly sealed and store in cool dry place. It can last for 12 months at room temperature. After tear off the sealing part, please consume within four weeks for the best taste of the products. 

  • Ways of Consume

    • Adding them to water and drinking it as part of your daily fluid intake.
    • Drizzling flaxseed oil as a dressing on salad.
    • Sprinkling ground flax seeds over your hot or cold breakfast cereal.
    • Mixing them into your favorite yogurt.
    • Adding them into cookie, muffin, bread or other batters.
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