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Peanut Chocolate Chip Granola (180g)

Peanut Chocolate Chip Granola (180g)

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Love your chocolate with peanuts in it? Set aside that chocolate bar and snack on our Peanutty Chocolate Granola instead! A wholesome granola chock-filled with rolled oats, crunchy peanuts, puffed rice and chocolate chips, it’s your childhood cereal dream come true, only healthier - no additives or preservatives in this one. Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring oatmeal when it can be as fun as this so add it to your cart and munch away!

  • Product Ingredients

    Rolled Oat, Peanut, Chocolate Chip, Brown Sugar, Peanut Butter, Instant Cereal, Olive Oil, Puffed Rice.

  • Care Instructions

    Keep packaging tightly sealed and store in cool dry place. It can last for 6 months at room temperature. After tear off the sealing part, please consume within two weeks for the best taste of the products.

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